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Hospital Supplies Sales and Distribution in Germany

Asid Bonz is one of Medi-Globe’s Gemany-based sales and distribution divisions, primarily representing its own company branded products and those from outside suppliers. Asid Bonz focuses on marketing a specialized portfolio of hospital supply and personal care products.

Asid Bonz sells and distributes products specifically to the fields of respiratory, cardiology, surgery, urology, etc. Products range from devices and accessories to supply type items.

Asid Bonz employs a direct sales force throughout Germany. Within the last few years the company has begun to expand its sales internationally, primarily to other European markets.

Asid Bonz
Asid Bonz GmbH
Hertzstraße 3
71083 Herrenberg - Germany
Phone: +49 7032 9562-0
Fax: +49 7032 9562-58
E-Mail: info@asid-bonz.de
Internet: www.asid-bonz.de