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  • 21–24 May 2016

Endo-Flex GmbH


Gastroenterology Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution

Endo-Flex is one of three Germany-based Gastroenterology manufacturing, sales and distribution firms. This 20 plus year old company offers a full range of flexible endoscopic devices, instruments and implants. The products are primarily single use and applicable for both diagnostic and therapeutic flexible endoscopic procedures.

Various products are sold as trade products under the Endo-Flex brand name, while others originate either from Endo-Flex’s own production or from the Medi-Globe Czech Republic production facility.

Endo-Flex distributes its products via an expanding international sales network consisting of local, specialty medical distributors in numerous markets. In Germany, Endo-Flex’s home market, Endo-Flex employs a direct sales force, providing unmatched sales and service. Outside of Germany the company has successfully managed to enter the fast-growing Chinese market, and is also present in key markets within the European Union. Other markets of particular focus for Endo-Flex are the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Near & Far East, as well as South America.

Endo-Flex GmbH
Alte Hünxer Straße 115
46562 Voerde - Germany
Phone: +49 281 94400-0
Fax: +49 281 94400-11
E-Mail: vertrieb@endo-flex.de
Internet: www.endo-flex.de