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  • 21–24 May 2016



Urology Products Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution

In 2001 Medi-Globe acquired 51% of UROVISION GmbH, a urology manufacturing and sales firm located in Germany. UROVISION marks Medi-Globe’s initial entry into the Urology products market. In addition to the sales and administrative offices in Germany, Medi-Globe also acquired the current Czech Republic manufacturing site (today renamed as Medi-Globe s.r.o.).

UROVISION’s product portfolio is comprised of Endo-Urology Devices and Consumables (stents). Within Medi-Globe’s Urology Group, UROVISION is positioned as a price competitive supplier offering of stents and related products.

UROVISION holds a strong market position in its home market of Germany, supported by its own direct sales force. UROVISION’s export business currently constitutes approximately 25% of total sales and is affected via a network of international distribution companies. The fast growing Chinese market is presently UROVISION‘s most important export market.

Medi-Globe-Str. 1-5
83101 Achenmühle - Germany
Phone: +49 8032 973-200
Fax: +49 8032 973-211
E-Mail: urovision@urovision.de
Internet: www.urovision.de