• DDW 2016 – Digestive Disease Week – San Diego Convention Center, CA
  • 21–24 May 2016

Medi-Globe Sales


Medi-Globe and its subsidiaries market and sell devices equipment and products in over 120 countries

Medi-Globe is also engaged in developing new medical devices and products within the fields of gastroenterology, vascular cardiology, urology and related fields.

In most cases each subsidiary will use a mix of the above-mentioned channels depending on the particular market conditions: pricing, regulatory requirements, availability of reimbursement, tenders, availability of distributors, brand name awareness, etc. Some of Medi-Globe’s hospital supply distributors market and sell products and equipment manufactured by other firms. back

Contact Finder

If you wish to contact a particular Medi-Globe subsidiary or to view an alphabetical listing of all subsidiaries, you may do so using the Contact Finder in the column to the right on this page. For best result, select a search key from the dropdown list.