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What is Phosphorylcholine (PC)?

Phosphorylcholine is a biocompatible and durable sealing of the inner and outer surface of implants to prevent biofilm formation and subsequent encrustation. PC Technology based on the observation that the outside leaflet of a red blood cell membrane is haemocompatible, while the inner leaflet is thrombogenic. The inner thrombogenic surface contains negatively charged phospholipids while the outer biliary is composed of zwitterionic phospholipids. These have both positive and negative charges in close proximity but are overall electically neutral. Phosphorylcholine is the most important phospholipid molecule of an erythrocyte. For stents and other medical devices, a unique Phosphorylcholine (PC) treatment has been developed that mimics the zwitteronic structure of neutral membranes, thereby conferring propertiesd of bio- and haemocompatibility.

PC treatment is capable of reducing encrustations and infections – therefore increasing patient quality of life.
UROTECH is worldwide the only manufacturer of PC treated endourological products.